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18 x18 hand varnished canvas prints $300 each  and 22x22 (image size 18 x 18 ) Archival Pigment Print $370 each.

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In January 2018, I had an idea for a project that would celebrate the LGBTQIA community at a time when our rights are yet again being challenged — and we are in danger of being forced backwards after making some giant strides toward equality. I wanted to perpetuate the concepts of unity and community, about power in numbers. Something with a sense of humor but that also made a point, was defiant and beautiful. And so, #GAYFACE was born.


I took a phrase that is traditionally meant to insult and demean individuals, flipped it, reclaimed it and asked the big question: What IS the face of “gay” in 2018? I wanted to show that it’s diverse, prideful, beautiful, strong and always defiant. I have chosen to use the word “gayface" as an all inclusive term for LGBTQIA individuals. It's not important if the participant identifies specifically as gay; it's about community, family and disempowering prejudice.


The white box in this series of photos is a representation of equality. Everyone is given the same blank box and can do what they like with it. They can create a whole individual space or they can simply stand in it. The fun part is seeing what people bring to it, what they see to create. Both things are equally as effective. The white background allows the subject to create a strong shape or, by decorating the box, create a different kind of story.


Again, no rules. Be who you are; say what you want to say; tell your own story.


So, giving myself a 3 month time frame, I built boxes in Los Angeles , New York and San Francisco and went to work, enlisting fabulous LGBTQIA people from all walks of life and inviting them too participate, to play in my box, if you will (the “box" jokes never get tired).


At the same time, I very much wanted to do something to give back; helping homeless LGBTQ youth was particularly important to me. The idea of being homeless — either thrown out for being who you are, run away because you can't stand the bullying any more or whatever circumstance that brings you to that point. I wanted to help in my small way and to make a difference.  a percentage of all #gayface sales will be given i support of True Colors Fund

I will continue to photograph people and add to the collection, raising money for the homeless and spreading queer visibility along the way.


Magnus Hastings