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British Photographer Magnus Hastings grew up in London . he attended the king alfred school, Chelea Art School and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

    Having taught himself photography in his teens, quickly realized after  leaving drama school that he would much rather pursue photography  . Within months Hastings was earning a living with his images  and after securing his first show  which was picked up by Time Out Magazine he was soon put to work shooting celebrity covers for the biggest gay magazines including Attitude, Boyz and QX international

    At the same time He was immersed  on the colorful london Gay scene where his favorite subjects thrived ; Drag Queens. Always drawn to the art form and people he considered kindred spirits.. his passion for dag photography took him  to Sydney in 2005 where the drag scene was vibrant and exciting.

“it was as if i had a arrived home” having been a  “child of drag “ as he describes it , “who was shamed out of doing what i loved." it was a scene that made sense to him . and a visual that inspired him.

    So he set to work photographing the most interesting queens he could find and out was to be the start of a  love affair with drag  showing the world the art form through his eyes. very quickly gaining a reputation as a someone to watch in the drag world.

    for the next few years Magnus divided his time between celebrity shoots and drag work.. which let him into the hybrid of Caberet  world and two long lasting relationships . one with Burlesque superstar immodesty Blaize and another  with  cabaret queen  Meow Meow..

    Relocating to LA in 2011 hastings forund himself increasingly drawn into the drag world with its lack of censorship and willingness to try things and take chances.  and so started to work on his project Why Drag?

The project quickly found momentum and  a show opened in New York in 2014 to much critical acclaim.

this led to a book deal with Chronicle Books and the release of the book Why Drag? in 2016. which went straight to the top of the portrait photography charts.

   Hastings reputation aa the leader in the field o drag photography led to his appearance as celebrity guest photographer on Rupauls Drag Race  in 2015 and he is currently a regular judge on Dragula , the alternative drag competition on Hey Qween TV

   Magnus is constantly in demand with the top drag queens  and has his own line of shower curtains “ as i see the 6ft x6ft  shower curtain as an art space!”

   In 2016 Sir Elton John acquired 4 prints from Why Drag? for his renowned photography collection. commenting 

“this is the best fucking photography book in years"